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Triceps Extension, Seated

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Type auxiliary
Mechanics isolated
Direction push
Equipment weight plate
Additional Equipment flat bench
x Rate Triceps Extension, Seated

Itīs an effective exercise.

Itīs a practicable exercise.

Itīs an often applied exercise.

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Grasp weight plate at sides, sit upright on flet bench hand hold weight plate above head. Keep arms straight and position elbow close to head.


Lower weight plate behind head as far down as possible while keeping elbows in position. Return by extending arms to starting point. Repeat.

Variations / Comments

Place feet apart below knees.

Weight Plate Triceps Extension, Seated Starting Position Starting Position
Weight Plate Triceps Extension, Seated Ending Position Ending Position


Target Triceps Brachii
Synergist -
Stabilizers Deltoid, Anterior | Pectoralis Major, Clavicular | Wrist Flexors | Erector Spinae | Rectus Abdominis
Weight Plate Triceps Extension, Seated Muscles Front
Weight Plate Triceps Extension, Seated Muscles Rear
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