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Pushdown, Reverse Grip

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Type auxiliary
Mechanics isolated
Direction push
Equipment high cable pulley
Additional Equipment -
x Rate Pushdown, Reverse Grip

Itīs an effective exercise.

Itīs a practicable exercise.

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Stand in front of high pulley, grasp cable bar with shoulderwide underhand grip. Position elbows to sides with upper arms vertical. Keep knees slightly flexed and body in a stable postion.


Completely extend arms while elbows remain in position. Return until lower arms are just above parallel to floor. Repeat.

Variations / Comments

It is also possible to accomplish full range of motion by bending arm almost completely in upper position. In that case return before lower arms rest on upper arms.

Cable Pushdown, Reverse Grip Starting Position Starting Position
Cable Pushdown, Reverse Grip Ending Position Ending Position


Target Triceps Brachii
Synergist -
Stabilizers Latissiumus Dorsi | Pectoralis Major, Sternal | Deltoid, Posterior | Rectus Abdominis | Wrist Extensors
Cable Pushdown, Reverse Grip Muscles Front
Cable Pushdown, Reverse Grip Muscles Rear
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