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Build Muscles & Burn Fat through Fitness Exercise | bodytrainer.tv by Stephan Arndt
Strength Training for Building Muscle & Burning Fat

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Strength Training, Cardio Training, Stretching | bodytrainer.tv

Effective Muscle Building and Fat Loss | The bodytrainer.tv Philosophy

Are you looking for information about strength training, fat burning, exercise guides, fitness and nutrition?

Welcome to bodytrainer.tv, the fitness training website that will support you achieving your goals, whether you want to gain weight by building muscle, lose weight by burning fat, become stronger or more flexible or follow goals like getting ripped and building six-pack abs.

To achieve your goals, you should follow these training principles:

  • Train your Muscles. The more muscles you build, the more energy, and therefore body fat, you burn. This is not about bodybuilding and just pumping your muscles, but about becoming stronger, leaner and fitter.
  • Train Complex. To activate a maximum number of muscles, you have to do basic compound exercises like Bench Press, Squat or Dead Lift or choose from a variety of Bodyweight Exercises. Isolated training of body parts should be done only occasionally.
  • Use Free Weights. A functional training requires the use of Free Weights, because here you have to activate more stabilizing muscles and therefore improve not only you strength and co-ordination but also your body perception.
  • Train in a Correct Fashion. A good training technique goes before heavy load. Never stop learning. If you are unsure how to do a particular exercise, refer to the Exercise Guide. Increase the weight gradually.
  • Have a Versatile Training. Experiment with different Training Techniques and pay attention to the Training Principles. Donīt stick to routines if they donīt work and donīt just copy from others. You are unique and so is your training.
  • Yet, Keep it Simple. Donīt overload your training routine with dozens of exercises at the same time. Instead, master the most effective compound exercises. Follow proven Dietary Guidelines and donīt become a victim of the food supplemental industry.
  • Be Willing to Learn. Try out new things. Read books and search the Internet for information that will help you on your way.
  • Be Consistent. You can achieve virtually anything as long as you donīt give up. To stay motivated, have a long-term goal that you divide into short and medium term goals. Reward yourself, even for modest accomplishments.

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Exercise Ranking

Most Viewed Exercises

1. 73264 views Good Morning Exercise
2. 61898 views Row, Bent-over
3. 58595 views Reverse Fly, Bent-over

4. Bench Press | Pectoralis Major, Sternal (53181 views)
5. Renegade Row, Push-up | Back, General | Pectoralis Major, Sternal | Triceps Brachii (52930 views)
6. Dead Lift | Gluteus Maximus (51933 views)
7. Renegade Row | Back, General (49529 views)
8. Reverse Fly, Standing | Deltoid, Posterior (49450 views)
9. Butterfly Reverse | Deltoid, Posterior (48519 views)
10. Dead Lift, Stiff Legs | Erector Spinae (43487 views)

Best Rated Exercises

1 rating Seated Calf Press

4. Fixed Bar, Bent Arm | Pectoralis Major, Sternal (5)
5. Standing, Bent-over | Erector Spinae (5)
6. Dip, Narrow Grip | Triceps Brachii (5)
7. Lunge | Quadriceps (5)
8. Dip | Triceps Brachii (5)
9. Full Squat, Front | Quadriceps (5)
10. Pushdown, Reverse Grip | Triceps Brachii (5)

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