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Dip, Flexed Hips

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Type basic
Mechanics compound
Direction push
Equipment parallel bars
Additional Equipment -
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Stand on platform and grasp dip bar about shoulderwide with overhand grip. Donīt lock elbows. Lift feet off platform, flex legs and hips to raise thighs up to parallel to floor.


Lower body until arms are flexed right-angled. Keep elbows close to body. Return, keep arms slightly flexed. Repeat.

Variations / Comments

Keeping hips flexed shifts higher workload into hip flexors and waist and keeps torso from bending forward which increases triceps workload.

Bodyweight Only Dip, Flexed Hips Starting Position Starting Position
Bodyweight Only Dip, Flexed Hips Ending Position Ending Position


Target Triceps Brachii
Synergist Deltoid, Anterior | Pectoralis Major, Sternal | Pectoralis Major, Clavicular | Rhomboids | Latissimus Dorsi
Stabilizers Biceps Brachii | Trapezius, Lower | Hip Flexors | Rectus Abdominis
Bodyweight Only Dip, Flexed Hips Muscles Front
Bodyweight Only Dip, Flexed Hips Muscles Rear
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