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Leg Extension, Single Leg

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Type auxiliary
Mechanics isolated
Direction push
Equipment leg extension machine
Additional Equipment -
x Rate Leg Extension, Single Leg

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Sit in machine with back against pad. Adjust back support so that knee joints are aligned with lever fulcrum. Place lower legs behind lever pad and grasp handles to sides.


Extend knee until leg is straight. Return and repeat. Continue with opposite leg.

Variations / Comments

Use handles to stabilize body while using heavy resistance (see stabilizers).

Lever Leg Extension, Single Leg Starting Position Starting Position
Lever Leg Extension, Single Leg Ending Position Ending Position


Target Quadriceps
Synergist -
Stabilizers Trapezius, Upper | Trapezius, Middle | Brachialis | Biceps Brachii | Brachioradialis
Lever Leg Extension, Single Leg Muscles Front
Lever Leg Extension, Single Leg Muscles Rear
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