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Lat Pulldown, Front

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Type basic
Mechanics compound
Direction pull
Equipment lat pull
Additional Equipment -
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Grasp pulldown bar with wide overhand grip. Sit upright on seat and position heels below knees.


Pull bar down to upper chest. Lean slight backward without hyperexending lower back. Return, keep arms slightly flexed and repeat.

Variations / Comments

In upper position let shoulders be pulled upward. Put thighs under support to handle heavy resistance. Lat pulldowns are a great prelude to chin-ups.

Cable Lat Pulldown, Front Starting Position Starting Position
Cable Lat Pulldown, Front Ending Position Ending Position


Target Latissimus Dorsi
Synergist Deltoid, Posterior | Rhomboids | Trapezius, Middle | Trapezius, Lower | Brachialis | Brachioradialis
Stabilizers during heavy training: Hip Flexors | Rectus Abdominis
Cable Lat Pulldown, Front Muscles Front
Cable Lat Pulldown, Front Muscles Rear
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