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Lunge, Variation 1

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Type basic
Mechanics compound
Direction push
Equipment TRIMMFIT
Additional Equipment -
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Stand midst between beams and grasp bars slightly below height of shoulder. With either leg perform a wide step backward. Place ball on floor. Keep back straight and lean forward. Look slightly above.


With rear leg press body up while simultaneously extending front leg. Bend rear leg and pull knee up until height of belly. When reaching the final position raise heels of standing leg und stand on ball. Return to starting position and repeat. Switch foot position and continue.

Variations / Comments


TRIMMFIT Lunge, Variation 1 Starting Position Starting Position
TRIMMFIT Lunge, Variation 1 Ending Position Ending Position


Target Quadriceps
Synergist Gluteus Maximus | Hip Flexors | Hip Adductors | Gastrocnemius
Stabilizers Hamstrings | Soleus
TRIMMFIT Lunge, Variation 1 Muscles Front
TRIMMFIT Lunge, Variation 1 Muscles Rear
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