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Dead Lift, Sumo Style

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Type auxiliary
Mechanics compound
Direction push
Equipment barbell
Additional Equipment (rack)
x Rate Dead Lift, Sumo Style

Itīs an effective exercise.

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Grasp barbell (maybe from rack) with wide mixed grip and stand upright in very wide stance with feet pointing outward. Keep arms straight and hold barbell in front of thighs.


Bend knees and hip, move hip backward and knees forward until barbell reaches knees. Keep back straight. Return by extending knees and hips. Flex shoulders at top of motion. Repeat.

Variations / Comments

Always keep barbell close to body. Maintain a permanent muscular tension and keep looking forward. For complete range of motion lower barbell to floor.

Barbell Dead Lift, Sumo Style Starting Position Starting Position
Barbell Dead Lift, Sumo Style Ending Position Ending Position


Target Gluteus Maximus
Synergist Quadriceps | Hip Adductors | Soleus
Stabilizers Trapezius, Middle | Trapezius, Upper | Rhomboids | Erector Spinae | Rectus Abdominis | Obliques | Hamstrings | Gastrocnemius
Barbell Dead Lift, Sumo Style Muscles Front
Barbell Dead Lift, Sumo Style Muscles Rear
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