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"Mountain Climber" / "Floor Sprint"

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Type auxiliary
Mechanics compound
Direction pull
Equipment -
Additional Equipment -
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Assume peaked push-up position with hands and toes on floor, both about shoulder-wide apart, and bottom up. Pull either leg toward chest and place same foot on floor below torso while other leg remains extended backward.


Jump up and down while shuttling legs back and forth, switching between left and right.

Variations / Comments

Start with slow pace and move quicker as your shape becomes better. Mountain climbers work legs, core, chest, shoulders and arms and require strength as well as cardiovascular endurance.

Bodyweight Only "Mountain Climber" / "Floor Sprint" Starting Position Starting Position
Bodyweight Only "Mountain Climber" / "Floor Sprint" Ending Position Ending Position


Target Hip Flexors
Synergist Gluteus Maximus | Quadriceps
Stabilizers Rectus Abdominis | Obliques | Hip Adductors | Pectorails Major, Sternal | Pectoralis Major, Clavicular | Deltoids, Anterior | Triceps Brachii
Bodyweight Only "Mountain Climber" / "Floor Sprint" Muscles Front
Bodyweight Only "Mountain Climber" / "Floor Sprint" Muscles Rear
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