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Zercher Squat

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Type basic
Mechanics compound
Direction push
Equipment barbell
Additional Equipment (barbell rack)
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Itīs an effective exercise.

Itīs a practicable exercise.

Itīs an often applied exercise.

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With rack:
The easiest way to get into starting position is to place barbell on rack at height of waist. Stand in front of it and put the crook of your elbows under the bar. Lift it.

Without rack:
Little trickier technique, but since it is a tricky exercise, anyone intendíng to do Zercher squats will have to learn this as well.
1. Place barbell on floor, stand in front if it, squat down, grasp it and lift it the way you deadlift.
2. Squat down again while resting the barbell on your thighs, until you are able to place the crook af your arms below the barbell.
3. Squat up and hold the barbell in front of your waist.


Squat down until thighs are parallel to floor. Keep your back upright and straight an look ahead. Squat up, keep your knees slightly bent and repeat.

Variations / Comments

At first glance Zercher Squats seem to be a strange thing, a hybrid of squats and deadlifts, but itīs a great and relatively safe exercise for heavy weight lifting since thereīs no spine compression involved. It may cause pain in your arms and belly. Most strength athletes get used to it. Otherwise place a towel between arms and barbell and/or belly and barbell to lower the pressure.

Barbell Zercher Squat Starting Position Starting Position
Barbell Zercher Squat Ending Position Ending Position


Target Quadriceps
Synergist Gluteus Maximus | Soleus
Stabilizers Hamstrings | Gastrocnemius | Erector Spinae | Rectus Abdominis | Deltoid, Anterior | Biceps Brachii | Brachialis
Barbell Zercher Squat Muscles Front
Barbell Zercher Squat Muscles Rear
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