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Jack Knife

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Type auxiliary
Mechanics compound
Direction pull
Equipment flat bench
Additional Equipment -
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Lie in flat supine position on flat bench. Let legs hang straight off one end of the bench. Extend arms above head and raise head slightly.


Pull legs and arms simultaneously up until legs are positioned about perpendicular above hips. Maybe let hands and legs touch slightly. Raise torso up while lower back remains on bench. Return to starting position with controlled speed and return.

Variations / Comments

Jack Knife is quite a complex exercise that requires some training experience along with a certain hip flexibility. The slower Jack Knifes are done the harder they become.

Bodyweight Only Jack Knife Starting Position Starting Position
Bodyweight Only Jack Knife Ending Position Ending Position


Target Rectus Abdominis | Hip Flexors
Synergist -
Stabilizers Obliques
Bodyweight Only Jack Knife Muscles Front
Bodyweight Only Jack Knife Muscles Rear
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