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Row, Bent-over

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Type basic
Mechanics compound
Direction pull
Equipment dumbbell
Additional Equipment flat bench
x Rate Row, Bent-over

Itīs an effective exercise.

Itīs a practicable exercise.

Itīs an often applied exercise.

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With one leg kneel on bench and put corresponding hand of supporting arm on bench. Place other foot beside. Grasp dumbbell.


Pull dumbbell up toward side of waist by flexing back and shoulder. Keep elbow close to body. Return as dumbbell reaches waist. Keep arm slightly flexed. Repeat.

Variations / Comments

Keep forearm poining down throughout motion. Avoid active participation of arm muscles. Donīt rotate torso.

Dumbbell Row, Bent-over Starting Position Starting Position
Dumbbell Row, Bent-over Ending Position Ending Position


Target Back, General
Synergist Rhomboids | Trapezius, Middle | Trapezius, Lower | Latissimus Dorsi | Pectoralis Major, Sternal | Deltoid, Posterior | Infraspinatus | Brachialis | Brachioradialis
Stabilizers Biceps Brachii | Triceps Brachii (of supporting arm)
Dumbbell Row, Bent-over Muscles Front
Dumbbell Row, Bent-over Muscles Rear
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