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Seated Row, Reverse Grip

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Type basic
Mechanics compound
Direction pull
Equipment long pull
Additional Equipment -
x Rate Seated Row, Reverse Grip

Itīs an effective exercise.

Itīs a practicable exercise.

Itīs an often applied exercise.

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Sit on bench and grasp wide grip cable attachment with underhand grip. Place feet against platform, keep knees slightly flexed and sit upright.


Pull grip toward waist. Simultaneously pull shoulder blades together. Return, keep arms slightly flexed as hands reach knees. Repeat.

Variations / Comments

Let shoulders be pulled forward while extending arms.

Cable Seated Row, Reverse Grip Starting Position Starting Position
Cable Seated Row, Reverse Grip Ending Position Ending Position


Target Back, General
Synergist Trapezius, Middle | Trapezius, Lower | Rhomboids | Latissimus Dorsi | Deltoid, Posterior | Brachialis | Brachioradialis
Stabilizers Biceps Brachii | Erector Spinae | Rectus Abdominis | Hamstrings | Gluteus Maximus
Cable Seated Row, Reverse Grip Muscles Front
Cable Seated Row, Reverse Grip Muscles Rear
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