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Row, Bent-over

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Type basic
Mechanics compound
Direction pull
Equipment barbell
Additional Equipment -
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Grasp barbell with shoulderwide overhand grip and stand upright. Flex knees and hip to bend over. With straight arms hold barbell in front of knees.


Pull bar up, travelling along thighs toward waist. Flex back and shoulders and keep elbows close to torso. Return, keep arms slightly flexed. Repeat.

Variations / Comments

Optionally use wide or underhand grip.

Barbell Row, Bent-over Starting Position Starting Position
Barbell Row, Bent-over Ending Position Ending Position


Target Back, General
Synergist Trapezius, Middle | Trapezius, Lower | Pectoralis Major, Sternal | Rhomboids | Latissimus Dorsi | Deltoid, Posterior | Infraspinatus | Brachialis | Brachioradialis
Stabilizers Biceps Brachii | Erector Spinae | Gluteus Maximus | Hamstrings | Hip Adductors
Barbell Row, Bent-over Muscles Front
Barbell Row, Bent-over Muscles Rear
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