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Chinnies, Side

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Type auxiliary
Mechanics isolated
Direction pull
Equipment mat
Additional Equipment -
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Lie supine on mat. Place one foot on floor, raise other thigh up just before perpendicular to floor. Hold hands besides head with fingers against back of head. Raise torso slightly off floor.


Flex and twist spine in direction of free leg. Let opposite elbow travel toward knee while pulling thigh toward head until elbow reaches knee. Return and repeat.

Variations / Comments

Keep spine flexed throughout motion. Donīt let shoulderblade of raised side touch floor.

Mat Chinnies, Side Starting Position Starting Position
Mat Chinnies, Side Ending Position Ending Position


Target Obliques
Synergist Rectus Abdominis | Hip Flexors
Stabilizers Hamstrings | Hip Adductors
Mat Chinnies, Side Muscles Front
Mat Chinnies, Side Muscles Rear