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Flexibility Training Benefits


Injury Prevention

To prepare your muscle for an upcoming workout it you need to to have a short stretching, because it expands the joint´s range of motion, which lowers the vulnerability to injuries.


Flexible muscles offer an enhanced muscular co-ordination, lowering the body´s consumption of energy and improving the overall performance. It also increases the blood circulation and therefore rises your energy level, which again has a positive impact on your performance.


Because of the improved metabolic muscular functions that come from stretching, it may also help to faster recover from hard training or any other kind of high physical load.

Release Tensions and Stress

Stretch when your muscles feel tensed up. Do it on a regular basis, especially when you stressed or when you are spending your day in an inconvenient posture like sitting at a desk, which often results in joint movement restrictions.

Relaxation and Body Image

Stretching helps to relax and to feel better. It has positive effects on your own body image, can improve your posture and your sensitivity to physical signals.