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Cardio Training Benefits


Improved Overall Cardiovascular Functions

Strengthened Immune System

Regular endurance training has positive effects on the immune system and makes it more resilient to external influences and diseases.

Faster Recovery

Increased metabolism and oxygen surplus lead to faster recovery from training as well as from injuries, because of the accelerated processes of regeneration and healing.

Better Overall Performance

Increased Energy Usage

Body Fat and Body Weight Reduction

Burning energy on a regular basis means burning fat. Therefore cardiovascular training is a great way to cut body fat, to lose redundant body weight and to keep up the results.

Stress Relief

Fitness training is the best stress killer. It is definitely more effective and healthier than any drug or therapy. Besides strength training, endurance training has the potential to free the mind, to deliver oxygen to the brain, to rise one´s mood and to even improve creativity and cognition.

Depression Killer

Cardiovascular training, preferably done outdoors, is a proven depression killer, because it is quite hard to hang on to negative thoughts while effectively working out. Presumably, outdoor activities are to be more effective, because of fresh air and the variety of images to distract the mind.

Higher level of mental concentration

Physical activity of almost any kinds leads to an improved blood circulation of the body and the brain, which results in an enhanced cognitive performance.

Improved Body Perception

More Self-Confidence

All the benefits mentioned naturally lead to a higher self-confidence, because you look better, feel better, know how to effectively use and move your body and how to free your mind.