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Strength Training Benefits


More Muscle Mass

Regular strength training builds active muscle mass that makes you fitter, stronger and more resistant to physical strains.

Higher Metabolism

Increased muscle mass means having a higher metabolic rate, allowing the body to burn more calories throughout the day, even during nighttime.

Increased Bone Density

Strength training is not only a regular stress treatment for your muscles but also for the skeletal system. It causes the bones to increase their density, which is a great injury and Osteoporosis prevention.

Reduced Body Fat

Burning body fat requires active muscles. The more muscles you own, the higher the chance of loosing excess fat.

Relieve From (Back)Pain

Most physical pains today come from inactivity, longtime incorrect postures and comfort, causing muscle loss, muscular imbalances and an increase in bodyweight through fat, along with many other diseases. Active muscle mass supports the skeletal structures and can relieve the body from pain.

Injury Prevention

A well-trained body is more agile and stronger and therefore more resistant to injuries.

Decreased Risk of Coronary Disease

Strength training lowers blood pressure and increases the HDL cholesterol level.

Improved Physical Performance

A consistent strength training improves your muscle´s strength, endurance and your overall physical performance, which is helpful in sports, hobbies, work and everyday activities.

Improved Body Image

Regular strength raining improves your body perception and therefore the way you move, walk and behave. A better body image mean a better physical appearance, balance, flexibility and mobility.

Better Look

A certain amount of visible muscles makes everyone look better, healthier and more energetic.

Better Mood

The psychological effects of strength training are proven. It relieves you from stress and anger, increases your confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and rises your mood.

More Efficient Immune System

Regular strength training has positive effects on your immune system and on your lifestyle. Being physically active on a high level automatically shifts your own expectations towards your health, nutrition and your whole lifestyle.