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Cardio Training Principles


Training Level

RecreationalRecreational cardiovascular training follows the intend to increase the individual aerobic capacity, to loose weight by burning body fat, to spend some time outside or as social affiliation activity when working out with a training partner or in a gym.
Performance-orientedPerformance-oriented cardiovascular training follows specific goals like becoming faster, increasing the threshold of pain, improving all cardiovascular functions to a high level to finally be competitive.


Continuous MethodThe continuous method is defined by various intensity levels below the anaerobic threshold over a longer period of time, normally more than 30 minutes. Therefore it is the most common way of health and fitness related training, but also fits the needs of athletes when starting the training season. The benefits of this method are an optimized physical health, an improved glucose and fat metabolism and fat loss as well as an improved cardiovascular performance and respiration activity.
Interval MethodThe interval method covers a training around the anaerobic threshold. Depending on the level of intensity, which is being increased with every interval, the heart rate is either slightly below or above it. The aspired resting time between two intervals only allows an about 2/3 recovery and therefore increases the training effect. The training-rest-training-rest alternation is supposed to prevent the body from being over-trained and overstressed. The interval method is often applied during aerobic-classes. The benefits here are an increased anaerobic threshold and improved endurance.
Repetition MethodThe repetition method is a based on 2-4 high impact training intervals with a resting time of up to 20 minutes between. This method doesn´t play a mentionable role in basic endurance training and should only be applied by experienced athletes to improve their speed or speed endurance.

Planning Principles

Recreational TrainingPerformance Training
Training Methods- basically continuous method - interval method from time to time- in the beginning continuous method - as you advance, interval method - repetition method for specific improvement
Training Frequency- 2 - 4 times per week- 3 - 6 times per week, depending on goal
Training Volume- 30 - 90 min- 60+ min
Training Level- aerobic level- aerobic and anaerobic level
Training Type- basic endurance- basic endurance - local endurance, depending on goal
Supportive Training- basic strength training- basic strength training - specific strength training