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Flexibility Training Principles

SpeedStretch in a slow and controlled way.
PostureMaintain a stable and save position to relax the muscles and to be able to concentrate.
CalmnessDonīt bounce! It seems to be effective, but it may cause your muscle to flex, not to relax.
ConcentrationConcentrate on the muscle you intend to stretch, keep it consciously relaxed.
IndividualityWork within your personal range of motion. Donīt strictly imitate other people or the images shown on this website.
DurationKeep positions for at least 20-30 seconds.
PainFeel a mild pain, donīt go over the edge.
RespirationBreathe evenly and softly.
PatienceBe patient, youīll become more and more flexible day by day.
RegularityFor best results stretch every (training)day for about 15-20 minutes.
EffectivenessIf you donīt have time to stretch after working out, do it between your sets. Attention, donīt stretch between heavy weight training set, because you may decrease the necessary muscular tension.