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V-Sit Flexibiilty Test

The objective of this test is to measure the flexibility of lower back and hamstring muscles.


Equipmenttape or chalk to mark the floor, pen, ruler
PreparationWith the tape mark a straight baseline (the grey line) with a length of about 20-30 cm (8-12 inches) and, perpendicular through the center, a measurement line (the green line) reaching about 50-60 cm (2 feet) to each side. The intersection of both lines marks the zero point. Take off shoes, sit on floor, legs straight and heels placed directly on the measurement line, feet about 20-30 cm (8-12 in) apart. Bring hands together, clasp thumbs and keep palms facing down. Flex feet.
ExecutionSlowly reach forward as far as possible while hands travel along the measurement line. Repeat three times and hold the fourth reach for 2-3 seconds. Record the distance between reached point and zero point..



Starting PositionEnding Position



AnalysisCompare the results of several tests. A suitable flexibility training should improve the results with time.
reliabilityReach distance depends on the subject´s age and level of motivation as well as individual warm-up and air temperature. This test is usually done without any previous warm-up.
CommentsTo improve Sit-and-Reach test values have a regular Hamstring and lower back stretching.

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