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How to Do Shoulder Dislocations
Mar 1st, 2010 - written by Stephan in Flexibility

Shoulder Dislocations are a great dynamic flexibility exercise to stretch your chest and front shoulder muscles, to correct the posture of the upper torso, to prevent you from shoulder pain from working out and to improve the flexibility of your shoulder articulations, which is increasing your overall upper body training performance.

Why You Should Do Shoulder Dislocations

If you spent plenty of time in seated position, whether it is in the car or at the desk, your upper back will sooner or later have the tendency to develop a hyper-kyphosis, caused by shortened chest and shoulder muscles weakened upper back muscles. The same is true for almost anyone who is doing a regular strength training for chest and front shoulders. Non-balanced shoulder joints are one of the main sources of shoulder pain.

  • Slouching Shoulders
  • Upper Back Hyperkyphosis
  • Shoulder Pain
ReasonIncorrect Seated Posture
ExamplesOffice DeskCar


ReasonStrength Training
ExamplesPushing Compound ExercisesPushing Isolation Exercises


How to Do Shoulder Dislocations

Shoulder Dislocation Equipment. You need one of the following things. The use of flexible equipment like towel or belt allows more convenient wrist angles. However, if you want to use a rigid stick, go for a wooden broomstick or PVC stick.
  • Broomstick
  • Rope
  • Towel
  • Belt
Shoulder Dislocation Technique. Choose an adequate grip distance and hold, letīs say, the broomstick on front of your thighs. With arms straight lift it above your head and move back behind you down until the broomstick reaches your hips. Return and repeat several times.
  • Grip Distance. It is important to begin with a wide grip and to gradually decrease the grip distance as your shoulder joints become more flexible.
  • Straight Arms. Keep your arms as straight as possible throughout the complete motion.
  • Chest and Back Muscles. Squeeze your back muscles and pull your shoulders together. Keep your chest muscles relaxed.
  • Tense Your Core and Hip Muscles. Tense your abdominal muscles and your glutes to prevent your lower back from hyper-extending.


Common Mistakes

  • Range of Motion. Choose an adequate grip distance. If you canīt perform the full motion, widen your grip.
  • Overall Posture. Donīt hyper-extend your lower back. Tense abdominals and glutes to keep your torso as upright as possible.
  • Execution Speed. Donīt go too fast. Concentrate and on an error-free movement.

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