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Wall Squat Test | How long can you keep it up?

The Wall Squat Test is a very simple isometric strength test to assess the leg´s strength, target muscle is Quadriceps. Necessary equipment is a wall or other plain vertical surface and a stop watch.


Warm-upHave a short local leg stretching. Optionally do a few free squats and rest for 2-3 minutes before starting the test.
PreparationWith feet shoulderwide apart stand backward with back against wall or door leaf. Cross hands over chest and look ahead.
ExecutionSquat down sliding with back along wall until thighs are parallel to floor. Start stop watch. Hold position as long as possible. Stop watch as soon as muscles fail.



Starting PositionEnding osition



time<20 sec.21-35 sec.36-50 sec.51-65 sec.66-85 sec.>85 sec.
ratingvery poorpoorfairaveragegoodvery good