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Bench Press | Test your maximum strength.

The Bench Press 1-Rep Max Test is common way to measure the maximum strength of the Pectorals as well as Font Deltoids and Triceps muscles. Everyone can do this test, although it is recommended to have some training experience, since Bench Press is a very demanding exercise.


Warm-upHave a short local stretching and at least one warm-up set of about 15 repetitions with light to moderate weight. Rest for a minute. Increase the weight and do about 3-6 reps. After resting another 3-4 minutes the maximum strength test can begin.
PreparationLie on flat bench with face below barbell and feet on floor to sides. Grasp barbell with overhand grip, hands more than shoulder-wide apart. A good estimation are vertical forearms in front view. Have a spotter standing on platform behind barbell. Alternatively have a spotter standing at the each side of barbell.
ExecutionChoose high resistance and do only one repetition. Dismount barbell from rack, lower it with controlled speed until it touches mid chest and push weight up until arms are fully extended. Return barbell to rack. After accomplishing increase the weight by 5-10%, rest for about 4 minutes and repeat. If you fail, rest for 2-3 minutes and try 5% less weight.
DetailsKeep barbell in horizontal position throughout motion. Donīt bounce on chest. Lower back may arch slightly. Keep buttocks on bench. Let the spotter(s) follow the motion to provide immediate support in case of failure.



Starting ositionEnding Position



Divide the maximum weight pressed by your actual bodyweight (score=max. weight pressed / bodyweigth).
ratingvery poorpoorfairaveragegoodexcellent