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Site Updates


Oct 5th, 2009 - New Unilateral Exercise for Lats

Added new unilateral cable pulley exercise for Latissimus Dorsi ... read more

Oct 5th, 2009 - Added Variation of Hack Squat Exercise

A popular variation of Hack Squats is doing full range of motion ... read more

Oct 4th, 2009 - New Cable Pulley Exercise for Rear Shoulders

Added new exercise for Rear Deltoids ... read more

Oct 3rd, 2009 - Added new Exercise for Obliques / Core

Saxon Side Bend is a great core exercise with main focus on obliques. ... read more

Oct 2nd, 2009 - New Arm Exercise Online - Zottman Curls

Added an interesting arm training exercise that works out upper arms and forearms to the same extend ... read more

Oct 2nd, 2009 - Added A Most Demanding Bodyweigh / Dumbbell Chest Exercise

To perform one of the most demanding exercises for chest you need to have dumbells with loose plates ... read more

Oct 1st, 2009 - Added Leg and Glute Training and Core Stabilization Exercise

A really complex and therefore effective exercise for working out legs, glutes and to stabilize all core muscles ... read more

Sep 30th, 2009 - Office Workout

We just added a few nice exercises for everyone who wants to use the working breaks for short office workout. ... read more

Sep 23rd, 2009 - Outdoor Fitness

Our portfolio of outdoor strength training exercises received a few new entries using a bench or other similar elevation. ... read more

Sep 3rd, 2009 - Update - Fitness Ball Training

A Fitness Ball offers a great variety of strength training exercises ... read more