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About bodytrainer.tv


The Idea

The original idea behind bodytrainer.tv was to create a clear and appealing website with animations on how to correctly do strength training exercises. Our firsts attempts of filming people weight lifting within an ordinary gym environment soon demonstrated the limits of this technique. To put the focus on the motion of the human body, all redundant information like backgrounds, shadows and even the equipment itself had to be removed or at least made less visible. Therefore we decided to rely on the capabilities of CGI. The concept of building a virtual gym and virtual characters to interact with it soon turned out to be the right decision. Choosing completely white backgrounds and a shiny white and gray paint for the machines and the equipment created a chameleon-like effect that enabled us to draw all attention to the people and the exercise movement.


Besides hundreds of animations we are producing high quality still images of (stretching) exercises, unbiased perspective views to better recognize important training positions and muscles maps to get an idea of the most important muscles that take part in an exercise.


  • fitness training
  • personal training
  • indiviual training routines
  • healthy lifestyle planning
  • dietary information
  • fitness training related animations and images
  • static and dynamic 3D fitness equipment
  • general 3D animations and images
  • architectural 2D and 3D visualizations
  • graphical concepts for layout, presentations and design