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Saxon Side Bend

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Type auxiliary
Mechanics isolated
Direction pull
Equipment 2 dumbbells
Additional Equipment -
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Grasp dumbbells and stand upright. Hold upper arms besides shoulders about parallel to floor and let forearms point up.


Bend torso to either side. Let hands follow motion. Return, rest for a short moment in upright position and continue bending torso to opposite side. Return and repeat.

Variations / Comments

Training effect results from using moderate weights in combination with leverage of torso. Keep hips stable and train rather slowly to avoid jerky movements.

Dumbbell Saxon Side Bend Starting Position Starting Position
Dumbbell Saxon Side Bend Ending Position Ending Position


Target Obliques
Synergist -
Stabilizers Deltoid, Anterior | Trapezius, Upper | Triceps, Brachii | Rectus Abdominis | Erector Spinae
Dumbbell Saxon Side Bend Muscles Front
Dumbbell Saxon Side Bend Muscles Rear