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Triceps Extension, Lying

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Type auxiliary
Mechanics isolated
Direction push
Equipment low cable pulley
Additional Equipment flat bench
x Rate Triceps Extension, Lying

Itīs an effective exercise.

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Lie supine on flat bench and grasp cable bar with shoulderwide or narrow grip. Extend arms and bring upper arms in vertical position to hold bar over forehead. Let elbows point away from stack.


Bend elbows to lower bar toward forehead. Return and repeat.

Variations / Comments

Stop bending arms just before bar reaches forehead. Keep elbows in position throughout motion.

Cable Triceps Extension, Lying Starting Position Starting Position
Cable Triceps Extension, Lying Ending Position Ending Position


Target Triceps Brachii
Synergist -
Stabilizers Deltoid, Anterior | Pectoralis Major, Clavicular | Pectoralis Major, Sternal | Wrist Flexors
Cable Triceps Extension, Lying Muscles Front
Cable Triceps Extension, Lying Muscles Rear
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